Advantages and disadvantages of 4 ear mold materials

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The materials of ear molds are usually divided into four types: hard plastic, soft plastic, organic and silicone. Ear molds made of hard plastic, soft plastic and organic materials are relatively easy to process, but are also prone to deterioration; silica gel is relatively difficult to deteriorate. The main feature of silica gel is soft and non-allergenic, but it is difficult to process.

There are soft and hard ear molds, and the effects they produce are also different. When the sound hole of the soft ear mold passes through, the high-frequency sound is refracted many times to make the sound smooth, so the sound of the soft ear mold The sound is relatively soft. In the sound passing through the hard ear mold, the high-frequency sound will be refracted very frequently, causing sound distortion. In addition, the low-frequency sound is more likely to pass through the soft ear mold. From this we can see that soft ear molds are the first choice when making ear molds. In addition, the soft ear mold has an advantage, that is, the ability of the soft ear mold to suppress howling is stronger than the hard ear mold, so the soft ear mold is especially suitable for high-power hearing aids.

The production of ear molds is made using ear impressions, so the printing mode is a very critical step, which directly affects whether the configured ear molds are suitable for the deaf, whether it is comfortable to wear, and the effect of hearing aids.

A well-made ear impression must have these points: it has a complete triangular fossa concha cavity, including the tragus, concha cavity and helix; the surface of the impression is smooth, wrinkles should be as few as possible, and there is no poor curing. When a complete ear impression is placed in front of us, we can start making the ear mold.

When making ear molds, hearing aid opticians will give full consideration to the characteristics, concealment and beauty of the deaf’s ears, and make the ear molds in a targeted manner. The appearance of the made ear molds will be similar to that of the deaf. The appearance is very matched.

The first-class impression modification process and mold technology ensure the quality of the ear mold. When the ear mold is polished, every part of the ear mold is evenly taken care of, which will make the deaf person wear more comfortable. Therefore, the production of ear molds and the fitting of hearing aids must be purchased from formal and relatively strong institutions, because their technology and craftsmanship are first-class.

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