Perfect closing of the exhibition | The curtain does not end, the future is more exciting!

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Exhibition Closing

Perfect closing of the exhibition

Excellent sales team.

May 14-17, 2023, the 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair ended perfectly! During the four-day exhibition, famous enterprises gathered to create opportunities for prosperity, ideas collided to promote integration and open a new situation, unlimited business opportunities and deep friendship collided with each other.

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The exhibition hall was hot outside and crowded inside. The shuttle flow and eager negotiation pushed the exhibition to the climax time and again, and the exhibits of Kunwei Medical were widely recognized by medical colleagues from all over China. On-site staff explained the features and advantages of the products, analyzed the market, answered every customer's questions carefully and listened to every customer's needs patiently.

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New Products

16 Channels Behind-The-Ear Bluetooth Digital Hearing aids


16 Channels Behind-The-Ear  Digital Hearing aids


16 Channels In-The-Ear Bluetooth Digital Hearing aids


16 Channels In-The-Ear Bluetooth Digital Hearing aids


8 Channels Behind-The-Ear  Digital Hearing aids


16 Channels Behind-The-Ear Bluetooth Digital Hearing aids


16 Channels Behind-The-Ear Bluetooth Digital Hearing aids


16 Channels In-The-Ear Digital Hearing aids

KG-78 白底大图.jpg
KV-701 白底大图.jpg

Behind-The-Ear Hearing aids

KV-601 白底大图.jpg

KV-501 白底大图.jpg

In-The-Ear Hearing aids



8 Channels Behind-The-Ear  Digital Hearing aids

KV-301 白底大图.jpg

KV-401 白底大图.jpg

The curtain falls on the exhibition does not fall on the wonderful exhibition although the end of our story with you has just begun the future let us work together to create brilliant!

unfinished business to be continued

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